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Frequently asked questions


Our artificial garden stone can support up to 100 kg, but the load should be placed slowly, for example, an adult can stand calmly on the stone.

  Our decorative faux stones are weatherproof - they won't fade in the sun or crack in the rain or cold, they're windproof!

  Yes, the balanced weight and void of the stone allows you to place it in water/pool/aquarium, hiding unwanted elements or enhancing your garden landscaping!

  No, the composition of the raw materials used in stone production is selected so that the color of the stone remains unchanged for many years!

  No, our stones are completely environmentally friendly and do not harm nature! We care about the environment and make our stones from recyclable and environmentally friendly materials!

  Most potential buyers are wondering if the product in the photo matches the color you will receive later. Therefore, some clients want additional photos. When viewing photos on different screens, inconsistencies often occur. This is partly due to recording conditions, but mainly due to the color rendering of the customer's end device, so we cannot guarantee 100% boulder color matching.

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